Our office is DIFFERENT

Our Mission is to help individuals and their families feel great and function better through specific chiropractic care without the use of drugs or surgery.


The easiest way to understand what we do is to imagine the body being split into two categories. One category is the body CHEMISTRY, such as the blood, urine, hormones, insulin levels etc. This is what a medical doctor focuses on, and chemical problems are typically treated with prescription drugs.

The other category is the body STRUCTURE. This includes how the body moves, how you stand and sit, how your body functions with gravity, the alignment of the spinal column, the discs between the spinal bones and all the nerves that exit the spine. This is what a chiropractor specializes in.

So, why are WE different than a traditional chiropractor? We don’t use methods to temporarily mask your pain or symptoms. Additionally, our job is not to artificially reduce a muscle spasm. Instead, our objective is to find, address and FIX the specific underlying cause.

STRUCTURAL and ALIGNMENT issues in the spine that affect the vital nerves and surrounding tissues can ONLY be corrected by specific and scientific chiropractic care. Structural issues can NOT be fixed with medications.

Common symptoms or loss of function originating from one or multiple STRUCTURAL and ALIGNMENT issues in the spine may include:


Since your result matters, our technique matters. We focus on correcting subluxations (structural shifts) of the spine using a method called Specific Structural Analysis

The analysis and process to determine the CAUSE of your pain, condition, syndrome or loss of function includes:

  • Personal Conversation, Health History and Consultation with the doctor regarding your issue, concerns and individual health care needs.
  • Spinal Analysis and Structural Spinal Examination
  • Static Spinal Surface Electromyography (sEMG) … to scientifically measure muscle tension in the spine.
  • Structural Spinal Radiographs (if necessary; on premises)
  • Digital Structural Images
  • Complete Report, Review of Findings, Review of Test Results and Recommendations of Care (if applicable).