“The Chemistry of Life”

Lecture Presentation by Reggie Gold, D.C. Forwarded by David Steinberg, D.C. Human Performance and Body Chemistry The first thing to understand is that chiropractors are not back doctors. Instead, chiropractic deals with human performance; every aspect of human performance. We are concerned with how much pep and energy you have, how much healing capacity youContinue reading ““The Chemistry of Life””

13 Reasons to Get Your Spine Checked for Subluxations on a Regular Basis!

By Joe Strauss, D.C., F.C.S.C. 1.  More EnergyThe vital energy that runs your body comes form the brain, travels over the nerves and gives vitality and vigor to your body.  Logic says that if that energy is interfered with, your body will not work at its fullest potential. 2.  Clearer Thinking, Concentration and MemoryDid you ever haveContinue reading “13 Reasons to Get Your Spine Checked for Subluxations on a Regular Basis!”

The Most Dangerous Thoughts … Do you have them?

The Most Dangerous Thoughts about your Health & Why … Maybe it will go away. Are you willing to take that chance? What if it doesn’t go away and therefore becomes chronic or permanent? It comes and goes. Why wait until it is a constant or permanent problem? Problems that “come and go” are usuallyContinue reading “The Most Dangerous Thoughts … Do you have them?”

Thomas Edison Hinted at Chiropractic

Thomas A. Edison (Feb 11, 1847 – Oct. 18, 1931) You might be wondering why Thomas Edison is within our website? That is a very good question! Thomas Edison is perhaps one of the greatest men to have lived, and he is the inventor of: The Phonograph (1877), The Light Bulb (1879), Motion Pictures (1904), as wellContinue reading “Thomas Edison Hinted at Chiropractic”